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Dante Sevin, a native of San Diego, CA, got his first glimpse of the dance world when Michael Jackson debuted his now famous "Thriller" music video. After being completely inspired by it, he took it upon himself to find out how to seriously pursue a dance profession. At the time, Dante was playing varsity football, and nurturing his musical theater ability under the coaching of Laura Charles and Roxanne Ring. After graduating however, Dante quit football and pursued the art world professionally. Since he is a well- rounded athlete, the physical demands of dance weren't a problem for him, and furthermore, Dante was already training in the theater arts, so he decided to combine the two. He collaborated with Angie Bunch, who started a performance group called Culture Shock. After learning the tools he needed to pursue the arts, he went to LA to test his newly acquired skills. After a year and a half of more training, he landed his first music video with Will Smith: "Men in Black." Soon after, choreographers Rosero & Jamal helped to further jump start his career along with Hi-Hat, Jamie King, Frank Gatson, and Dave Scott. The rest has been a great history. Some of his credits include: dancing and choreography for Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott, Tyrese, and Mary J. Blige; and performing in the movies You Got Served, Stomp the Yard, and The Onion Movie.