Lando Wilkins

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Age 28 from San Diego California, Lando creates an atmosphere of humor that alleviates the natural mental blocks that dancers give themselves. While still maintaining a unique physical level of control throughout his craft. Lando focuses on the reason for dance over the stress and perfection of dance. With a street mentality and a heart for hip hop, freestyle is his base in dance. Representing a number of groups and companies throughout the dance community such as The Movement Lifestyle, Mos Wanted Crew, World of Dance, ABDC 3 Boxcuttuhz, Syndikit, the Headbangerz, and Contour Hooligans. Lando has danced for 22 years and over the course has become knowledge in the way of speaking to individuals thru analogies to better understand how to grasp his art form. Musicality, character, creativity, performance and conceptualizing dance is his format for creating choreography for himself and for all.