Melanie Lane

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Melanie Lane has appeared in many film, music video, t.v., and stage productions as a featured Bellydancer. She is known and sought out for her passionate performance style and technical finesse, and has worked closely and collaborated with the top dancers and musicians in Bellydance, including Jillina, Tamra Henna, Faisal Zedan, and dancers from the Bellydance Superstars. Melanie has trained in Middle Eastern dances since 1995 and focuses on the Vintage Orientale, Lebanese, and American Cabaret styles, creating a Modern Orientale Bellydance style. She is a cross-trained professional dancer whose talents have been recognized by the LA Opera and contemporary dance artists. She has performed with 3 International Dance Companies, in the t.v. show Drive, in the feature film A Numbers Game, in concert with the Persian singers Andy and Valy, and in the LA Opera production of Tannhauser. Melanie is the Artistic Director, main choreographer, and principal dancer for Paintings - A Study of the Orientalist Image. You can see Melanie perform at local showcases and stage shows.